Microlab 5.1 FC-730 Speaker

Warranty : 6 Months
Microlab premier range, the FC series is based on the FINE CONE designed by Acoustic expert, Peter Larsen. 
This design follows strict discipline in speaker designs to achieve perfect linear frequency response curve. Ideal home theater system in all natural wood finish.
Uncolored audio, precise position, and high resolution with Microlab own eAirbass technology.
- Powerful 5.1 surround subwoofer system with full range acoustic production and cabinet satellites
- eAirbass design, Microlab own proprietory technology - Bass with natural depth and range
- 6.5" woofer system for deep vocal and bass effects. All magnetically shielded
- Designed by Denmark acoustic expert, Peter Larsen V12 FineCone technology with perfect linear response
- Individual amplifier unit with full front controls and includes wireless remote control

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