Transcend 4GB DDR4 2666 Mbps Desktop Memory

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Quality Chips Tested for Durability

Transcend’s memory modules have been built of only the finest brand-name DRAM chips available to ensure the highest standard of quality and reliability.


1.2V Working Voltage

DDR4 operates at 1.2V voltage, offering power-efficient management that enhances system operation.


JEDEC Compliant

DDR4 DRAM modules comply with JEDEC standards and have undergone stringent reliability tests, ensuring the best performance, stability, and reliability.


Compatibility Matters

Each memory module has passed compatibility tests to help consumers upgrade their devices in various platforms.



Module Type DDR4 (Long-DIMM) 
Standard JEDEC
Speed 2666 Mbps
Capacity 4GB
Voltage 1.2V
Pin Count Long-DIMM: 288 pin
PCB Height 1.23 inches
Operating Temperature JetRam  0°C ~ 85°C
Warranty 60 Months


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