About us

From Humble beginnings


The founders of EPSI are two brothers whose passion for computers as mere teenagers, led them to start a small enterprise business. It was in the early 1990’s, that they engaged themselves with the selling of Computer Peripherals within a network of friends. They aspired to greater heights when they saw their previously home-based business develop successfully; placing EPSI as one of the top forerunners in Sri Lanka’s IT industry.

EPSI Computers (Pvt) Ltd was registered as a private limited liability company in 1991, and since then the company has expanded rapidly diversifying into the marketing and distribution of an array of IT products.

As part of the restructuring undertaken, EPSI Technology (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 2013 to focus on the core business of distribution of technological products whereas EPSI Automation (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2020 to focus on automation services. 

The rapid advancement within EPSI is due to the principles of Innovation and Technology which has always been an inspiration to everyone within the company, this in turn has paid great dividends in EPSI being one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka’s IT industry.

Possessing a wealth of experience in the fields of distribution and technology, EPSI is firmly placed in becoming a market leader in the distribution of 3C Solutions (Computers, Communications and Consumer electronics).

EPSI Technology (Pvt) Ltd holds authorized distributorships for ASUS and ViewSonic.

Origin of the name - EPSI

EPSI comes from the first four letters of EPSILON. 

EPSILON was the fifth alphabetical letter used by ancient Greeks.